I read a couple of chic-lit (No. Not M & B) books a week or so back and figured out that it was not too difficult to write.

The main character is a woman in her early to mid-twenties with a boyfriend and a crappy job. Or rather a job at which she should be promoted but doesn’t get it because of a snotty colleague (usually another woman). She thinks her boyfriend is perfect until the super-guy comes along. This guy’s either her boss (oh this office relationship works out just perfectly), or he would be her inspiration (don’t know why I put that in there).

After a customary fight with the super-guy, she realizes that her boyfriend is not good enough for her and hence dumps him, only to go back to the super-guy, whom she’s loved all along (yawn).

There, I’m done writing chic-lit.

I now have only a book report, a profile and an analysis left. Jest 2500 words. Thats all. Child’s play.

PS: I really do like “Can you keep a secret?”


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